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Brent Page Lab
UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences

At the interface of chemical biology and drug discovery

The Page Lab
Current Team

Graduate Students
Petar Iliev
Danielle Hanke
Christopher Hoang
Jonas Olsen
Daniel Everton

Co-supervised Students
Leah Mappalakayil
Riley Prout-Holm


Postdoctoral Fellows
Jennifer Brown
Henok Sahile
Ujjwala Karmacharya
Bhuwan Awasthi

Undergraduate Students
Connor Chiu
Romina Sardari

Previous Team Members

Postdoctoral Fellows:
Temilolu Idowu - Research Scientist, X-Chem, Montreal
Rosanne Persaud - Associate Scientist, Admare Bioinnovations, Vancouver
Sanaz Attarha - Medical Scientist, Karolinska Hospital, Sweden
Nicholas Valerie - Postdoctoral Fellow, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Co-supervised Students
Sander Busker - Scientist in Bioanalysis, Cytiva, Sweden

Undergraduate Students
Emily Chow - UBC

Research Associates
Matthieu Desroses - Senior Scientist, Sprint Bioscience, Sweden

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