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The Page Laboratory

With research expertise in medicinal chemistry and chemical biology, the Page Lab is focused on discovering new anti-cancer drugs by using state-of-the-art chemical biology tools. We have a highly collaborative and open approach to academic drug development and work with world-leading cancer biology groups. Our ultimate goal is to uncover novel drugs that help patients win their battle against cancer.

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July 2020: Another great paper in press! This time in ACS Chemical Biology!  Congrats to Sanaz and the rest of the team for their excellent work in developing a new way to look at proposed inhibitors for STAT proteins. Using CETSA to validate if proposed inhibitors engage STAT proteins in cancer cells and cell lysates! Well done team!  ASAP article linked here.

June 2020: Despite the pandemic, we continue to expand our team at UBC and are looking forward to welcoming 2 new MSc students in September 2020!  Riley Prout-Holm (joint with Adam Frankel) and Danielle Hanke - both received the  Frank S. Abbott Graduate Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Congrats and Welcome!

Excited to report the publication of a major paper from our group! This work is published in Science Advances in collaboration with the Dan Grander and Elias Arner Labs at the Karolinska Institute. Article can be found here and press release here!

Recent article published  in Methods! Proud of this nice work investigating the mechanism of protein arginine methyl transferases (PRMTs) using differential scanning fluorimetry and other thermal stability assays in collaboration with the Adam Frankel Lab! Check it out here

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