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New methods and inhibitors for STAT proteins

The Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription (STAT) family of proteins have diverse roles in cancer and other diseases. The activity of STAT proteins is mediated by protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions that are notoriously difficult to disrupt with small molecule inhibitors. By developing new STAT inhibition assays, we aim to investigate known inhibitors of STAT proteins and develop novel STAT inhibitors as therapeutics against cancer and auto-immune disease. Click the link to see our latest publication from the STAT project. 

Inhibitors of NUDT5 as breast cancer therapeutics

Our NUDT5 inhibitors have shown great activity against breast cancer. We are now working to progress our lead agents towards clinical testing by expanding pre-clinical testing in models of breast cancer. By working collaboratively with experts throughout Europe and North America, we are reaching the final stages of lead optimization for a very promising series of NUDT5 inhibitors. Additional work is focused on identifying new roles for NUDT5 using our promising lead compounds. Check out our latest NUDT5 work here

Collaborate with us!

We love working with great scientists on challenging questions about inhibitor activity, mechanism of action and assay development. Reach us at

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